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Why Australia?

When FDA approval and US Commercialization is your endgame, Tier 1 quality data from an FDA-recognized Center of Excellence is critical to your plan.


 After more than 20 years working with various Ethics Committees, PCRG have developed these fundamentals.


Clinical governance is maintaining and improving the quality and safety of patient care during a research study. 


Monitoring reports are among the most important pieces of both study and patient data. 

Labelling & Import

Sponsors around the world increasingly select Australia and New Zealand to conduct medical device trials for a myriad of reasons. 

Global Competition for Medical Device Innovation

The FDA want to leverage data from outside the US but only with proof about the data quality.  This is where Australia comes in.

Clinical Counts Considerably

Explore how clinical & Regulatory strategies help with investor dialogues, messaging and product development.

New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes Conference

New Zealand presents a microcosm of the growing global impact of diabetes.

MedTech Corporate VCS

Venture Investment divisions, share what they look for in potential acquisitions and investments.